Date: 03.07.19

Cetera Welcomes Megent Financial

Cetera announced today that Chicago-based Megent Financial, supporting over $640 million in client assets, has joined Cetera® Advisors LLC. Megent Financial is an independent retirement and investment services firm with two distinctive divisions: its Labor Division represents working men and women of organized labor and its Comprehensive Services Division is dedicated to advanced planning, coordination of financial decisions and integration of financial products and services for individuals and businesses.

When asked about his decision to join Cetera, Eric P. Burton, Managing Director and President, shared a personal email he sent to Cetera President, Mimi Bock, which said, “I want you to know how humbled Ron (Ron Whittingham, Managing Director) and I are by you and your entire organization. We’ve never felt more sincerely and genuinely wanted, valued or most importantly, understood. Nothing I type here can do my feelings justice and I’m actually stumbling over what to type but I just wanted you to know that your entire team, from the bottom to the top, has been exceptional and has done everything right. You’re building something very special and we want to be part of it.”

Burton, Whittingham and their team of over 20 indicated they were truly impressed with the culture and vision at Cetera, where advisors are known by name and not a rep number. Having a seat at the table and the ability to collaborate in strategic decision making was also highly attractive to them. Megent increased AUM by 156% since 2012: with Cetera, Megent is well positioned to stay on a high organic growth trajectory and plans to expand its advisor force with those who embrace its clientele, as well as its culture of service and belief in holistic financial planning.

Mimi Bock, President of Cetera Advisors, said, “Eric’s note was truly inspiring. At our core, Cetera is about helping America’s investors live and retire well. Megent shares this same belief. While our My Advice Architect® advisory platform, business consulting services and overall Advice-Centric Experience® offering helped tip the scale – it was the unique value proposition that we continually deliver that led Megent to choose us. We are honored by its choice and look forward to supporting the firm as it thrives and grows.”

During a discussion Megent had with Cetera, Brett Harrison, CEO of Cetera Advisors, shared that one of the proudest moments he’s experienced over the last couple of years was in a meeting with Megent’s team when Eric said, “If you get people in this office, in this chair and share what you are doing – they will come.”

Cetera is thrilled to commence a new chapter with an organization that understands and fits the advice-centric culture so well. Cetera plans to continue attracting individual advisors, tax professionals, banks and credit unions and regional teams (OSJs) with a mindset of growth, innovation and enhancing the delivery of an Advice-Centric Experience.

About Cetera Financial Group®

Cetera Financial Group ("Cetera") is a leading network of independent firms empowering the delivery of professional financial advice to individuals, families and company retirement plans across the country through trusted financial advisors and financial institutions. Cetera is one of the largest independent financial advisor network in the nation by number of advisors, as well as a leading provider of retail services to the investment programs of banks and credit unions.

Through its multiple distinct firms, Cetera offers independent and institutions-based advisors the benefits of a large, established broker-dealer and registered investment adviser, while serving advisors and institutions in a way that is customized to their needs and aspirations. Advisor support resources offered through Cetera include award-winning wealth management and advisory platforms, comprehensive broker-dealer and registered investment adviser services, practice management support and innovative technology. For more information, visit CETERA.COM.

“Cetera Financial Group” refers to the network of independent firms encompassing, among others, Cetera Advisors, Cetera Advisor Networks, Cetera Investment Services (marketed as Cetera Financial Institutions), Cetera Financial Specialists, First Allied Securities and Summit Brokerage Services. All firms are members FINRA/SIPC.