Date: 07.01.13

Cetera Launches Advisor-Designed Client Analytics Tool on SmartWorks®

Los Angeles, CA – Cetera Financial Group has unveiled an enhanced analytics tool that puts the power of customizable reports at advisors’ fingertips, helping them segment their clients and tailor their services more effectively.

The new tool is seamlessly integrated within Cetera’s SmartWorks® advisor workstation and substantially expands advisors’ analytic arsenal. It was created based on the recommendations of an advisor steering committee, as well as ongoing dialog with individual Cetera advisors.

“Delivering technology that helps our advisors better manage their business is a focus for us,” said Leda Csanka, chief information officer, Cetera Financial Group. “This is a valuable practice-management tool that will help our advisors efficiently use data to both enhance their client relationships and their profitability.”

More than 200 advisors accessed the new client analytics tool on its first day of availability, gaining new functionality to:

  • Efficiently identify clients by segment.
  • View business volume through particular product line or sponsor.
  • Analyze ticket charges at the account/client level.
  • Drill down into recurring and non-recurring business.
  • Accurately and quickly calculate the value of an individual practice for succession-planning purposes.

Data from the tool can be customized to display advisors’ personal book of business or, beginning in 2014, a firm-level view. It is fully sortable and exportable to Microsoft Excel to perform detail analysis.

“Cetera took the time to create an advisor steering committee to help them custom-build a tool that would deliver the data we, as advisors, wanted most,” said Mike Fetsch, managing partner, FSA Advisors LLC. “The result is an advisor-centric tool that helps us efficiently measure profitability by client and really drill down into the data. The other advisors I talk to love it, and we’re already working on what we want next.”

About Cetera Financial Group

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